Surveillance and Disease Intelligence (SDI) Cluster is mandated to ensuring early detection and reporting of potential health threats, notifiable diseases, public health events and changes in epidemiological trends through the timely collection, analysis, and dissemination of data for action. The aim is to strengthen and equip the national surveillance system to generate timely, high quality data about all nationally notifiable and priority diseases. The mandate is facilitated through the following functions performed by the cluster which involve to; 

  1. Coordinate and provide oversight to surveillance activities across the country.
  2. Equip and strengthen surveillance system at all levels to generate timely, high quality data.
  3. Conduct non-communicable diseases surveillance.
  4. Coordinate cross border surveillance and surveillance of all national priority diseases, conditions and events
  5. Conduct routine analysis and operational research using surveillance data that will facilitate policy making
  6. Conduct sentinel and event based surveillance;
  7. Coordinate and collaborate with animal and environmental health sectors and other stakeholders to implement one health approach to disease surveillance and control.
  8. Implement a one health approach in disease surveillance.
  9. Develop a shared mechanism for surveillance and risk assessment for animal and environment risks to human health.