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Authors, reviewers, editors and readers,
Welcome to the first special issue of The Health Press Zambia. This issue captures interesting articles on various ophthalmological
conditions affecting the Zambian population that were presented at the Zambia Ophthalmological Society Scientific Congress held
in Lusaka, Zambia from 14th to 15th November 2019.
Quoting a blog on Marvelotics, “Sight and vision are important because they allow us to connect with our surroundings, keep us
safe, and help maintain the sharpness of our minds.” I cannot agree more with the blogger Victoria [1]. As much as many agree, eye
diseases and vision disorders remain a major public health concern among populations globally but more-so in the underdeveloped
regions of the world causing disability, suffering, and loss of productivity [2].
A large contributor to vision impairment is eye diseases, a number of which are treatable and chromic conditions such as diabetes.
Low socio-economic status, lack of awareness, and limited access to eye care services have been attributed to the increasing
risk of blindness.
THP-Z invites you to learn more about the common eye diseases in Zambia and indeed the world over. Enjoy the read and hoping it
may influence how you look at prevention and care of eye conditions.
Remember that “Vision disability is one of the top 10 affects people’s ability to drive, read, disabilities among adults 18 years and
older and the single most prevalent disabling condition among children.” [3]
Once again we invite you to submit your articles to THP-Z using the link https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/thpz.

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