ML Mazaba
Zambia National Public Health Institute ZNPHI

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Authors, reviewers, editors and readers,

Welcome to the July 2019 THP-Z issue. In this issue, we share an article entitled ‘Trend and disease burden of dysentery in Zambia 2016-2018’. The article is informed by data emanating from the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) program. The publication intimates a continued high incidence of suspected dysentery cases in Zambia. Our guest editor focused on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), a condition identified over a century ago and yet still remains a major health burden especially on the African region. Noting that the major challenge in managing SCD lies in the inadequate capacity to diagnose the condition early enough and late intervening leading to increased morbidity and mortality, the guest editor encourages a strategy to implement a fully functional program. I encourage you to read through and get an interesting understanding of SCD and what should be done to improve the outcomes. We also publish the Influenza July monthly bulletin. Allow me to bring to the attention of Hepatitis disease. The WHO estimates about 325 million people worldwide are living with hepatitis B or C and yet approximately 80% have no access to testing and treatment, leading to 1.4 million deaths a year. The world celebrates and brings to the attention of all parties. It is for this reason THP-Z joined the rest of the world in creating awareness of hepatitis as a disease and the possible prevention and treatment strategies. Look out for a paper on hepatitis in the next issue. Meanwhile, feel free to look up the previous article on hepatitis in our archived issues: Nshimbi N, Ngoma A. Hepatitis B: Vaccinate. Stop It In Its Tracks!!! Addressing The Hepatitis B Prevalence In The Adult Population In Zambia. Health Press Zambia Bull. 2019; 3(3); pp 10-13.; Mulambya Nl, Moraes A, Mititiri M, Washington M. What The Hep Is Going On?: Protecting Future Generations By Addressing Hepatitis B Among Pregnant Women And Newborns In Zambia. Health Press Zambia Bull. 2019;3(1); Pp 3-6.; and Mazaba ML.Hepatitis. Health Press Zambia Bull. 2018;2(5); pp 1-2. We acknowledge Hepatitis as a public health problem and support the initiatives including continued surveillance, laboratory confirmation for effective treatment and prevention. Once again we invite you to submit your articles to THP-Z using the link