Surveillance Report
Surveillance and Disease Intelligence Unit
Zambia National Public Health Institute

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Weekly Summary

Current outbreaks
• Circulating Vaccine Derived Poliovirus Type 2 (cVDPV2) Outbreak: Zero (0) AFP cases were
• reported from the outbreak district of Chienge in Luapula Province
• Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP): One (1) AFP hot case from Western Province reported in week
• 47 tested positive for type 2 polioviruses. Samples are undergoing genetic sequencing
• Suspected Poliovirus Type 2: Isolated type 2 polioviruses from the Ngwerere environmental
• surveillance site in Lusaka Province collected in week 42 , are undergoing genetic sequencing
• Anthrax: Eight (8) cases were recorded from Western Province, results are pending
• Cholera: Zero (0) cases were reported Northern Province this reporting week

Other diseases
• Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP): Four (4) cases were reported from Copperbelt (1), North Western
• (1), Southern (1) and Western (1) Provinces. Three (3) specimens were tested for poliovirus
• Measles: A total of eighteen (18) cases measles were reported this week from Eastern (6),
• Luapula (5), Lusaka (3), Western (2), Southern (1) and North Western (1) Provinces. Eleven (11)
• specimens were tested. Two (2) samples from Luaplua from week 47 tested positive measles
• Maternal Deaths: Fifteen (15) maternal deaths were registered in Lusaka (5), Copperbelt (3),
• Southern (2), Northern (2), Luapula (1), North Western (1) and Central (1) Provinces
Other diseases
• Typhoid: Sixteen (16) cases were notified in Eastern Province, no testing was reported


Measles and Rubella



• Response pillars at ZNPHI to continue working with partners to strengthen surveillance, laboratory and
epidemic preparedness for Polioviruses, EVD, Cholera , Measles and other public heath threats
• Provincial health and veterinary municipalities to quickly respond to suspected rabies cases, promote vaccination
of dogs and sensitize communities on rabies prevention /treatment
• Provinces to oversee that epidemic preparedness consumables (including vaccines, water testing kits and
chlorine distribution) are distributed to districts at risk of outbreaks
• Provinces should ensure that epidemic preparedness committees (provincial and districts) are functional,
represented by all key multisector stakeholders & hold regular meetings

Circulating Vaccine Derived Poliovirus Outbreak

• The national annualized Non Polio AFP detection rate has increased to 4 cases /100,000 of children detected
under 15 years for provinces.
• Note all AFP cases are immediately notifiable and require immediate investigation with new case investigation
• All districts are expected to conduct health facilities integrated supervisory active searches at priority sites
as per recommended schedule
• Provinces to ensure silent districts not reporting AFP/measles cases are supported for active surveillance
of AFP cases
• Provinces are to ensure health workers are sensitized for improved detection, reporting and investigation
of suspected measles and AFP cases

Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness

• All provinces to strengthen EVD surveillance among all health care providers and raise commu-nity awareness
of EVD prevention
• Provide weekly reports in IDSR reports of active searches including zero reporting in at risk dis-tricts, including
ports of entry
• Ensure epidemic preparedness measures for detecting cases, sample testing / transportation and managing
cases are effected
• All border districts to strengthen point of entry EVD screening including facilitation of cross boarder monitoring
and reporting of suspected EVD cases

Heightened Surveillance in Cholera Hotspots

• Cholera hotspots to continue heightened surveillance and review of epidemiological trends to quickly detect
and respond to changes
• Continue to provide health education to sensitize communities and health workers on cholera pre-ventative
• WASH continue water monitoring and distribution of chlorine in identified at risk populations
• Provincial epidemic preparedness committee’s to engage all relevant government stakeholders and