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Outbreaks of Enteric Disease in Zambia
by P Kelly

This issue, featuring some papers and a review on outbreaks of enteric disease, is a timely reminder that complacency is not a good strategy, and that we need to be watchful for outbreaks so that they can be reported and controlled



A review of the epidemic-prone enteric diseases in Zambia: cholera, typhoid fever and bacterial dysentery
by S Siziya

Enteric diseases caused by bacteria that are epidemic prone in Zambia include cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery. Common signs and symptoms of enteric diseases include diarrhoea and vomiting. There is scant information of the occurrence of enteric diseases other than cholera. Cholera is generally pandemic in Zambia with the most recent major outbreaks having occurred in 1990, 1999 and 2004. Cholera outbreaks mainly occurred in peri-urban areas of Lusaka, Luapula, Southern and Copperbelt provinces.


Cholera Outbreak in Chienge and Nchelenge Fishing Camps, Zambia, 2017
by A Gama, P Kabwe, F Nanzaluka, N Langa, LS Mutale, L Mwanamoonga, G Moonga, G Chongwe, N Sinyange

On the 15th of February, 2017, the first case of suspected cholera was reported from Chienge district which has fishing camps with its neighbor district Nchelenge. We investigated the extent, the serotype of the Vibrio cholera and possible sources of exposure of the outbreak.

Typhoid fever outbreak investigation in a malaria endemic community, Solwezi, North-Western province, Zambia, 2017
by FD Mwansa, A Gama, F Kapaya, E Yard, R Kumar, G Chongwe, N Sinyange

On 10th March 2017, the Zambia Ministry of Health received media reports of a suspected typhoid outbreak in North-western Province, including two deaths. We investigated to confirm the outbreak, aetiology, and mode of transmission, and to devise control measures.