About The Health Press

The Health Press – Zambia is a publication of the Zambia National Public Health Institute under the Directorate of Public Health in the Ministry of Health. Its establishment in November 2016 stems from the recognition of the need for reliable health related information to policy makers, public health practitioners, and the general public. The contents of the publication are overseen by the Editor-in-Chief but the publisher is the Zambia National Public Health Institute. The financial obligations including staff salaries and publication costs are supported by the Zambian government and Bloomberg Philanthropies though the CDC Foundation. The scope of publishable areas include among others: Surveillance data, Outbreak investigation reports, Medical reviews, One Health, Policy briefs, Morbidity and Mortality data.
Articles submitted for publication consideration can be sent to editor.healthpress@znphi.co.zm

In order to address the challenges in making informed decisions of public health within Zambia and the global world in general, The Health Press Zambia aspires to be a leading publication that will inform policy makers, public health practitioners, and the general public at large.

The mission of The Health Press – Zambia is to publish and disseminate effectively and timely, influential scientific information and recommendations of public health importance that will transform public health worldwide, but more so for the underserved and poor populations. It aims to improve the capacity in decision making among global leaders, policy makers, public health practitioners and researchers in order to minimise public health threats.

The objectives of this journal are to:

  • Publish a regular public health and surveillance bulletin
  • Disseminate new findings as rapidly as needed
  • Displace misinformation regarding disease events in the country
  • Inform the public about health threats and what individuals can do to protect themselves and what the government is doing to reduce the threat
  • Provide a single, go-to source for key public health recommendations
  • Help in building Zambia’s national public health capacity