February 2017

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Teenage Pregnancy – A thorny sexual and reproductive health issue of public health concern
by ML Mazaba

Sexual and reproductive health continue to be a challenge despite increased attention to them. Maternal and prenatal health are health concerns, especially among pregnant and parenting teens


Misdiagnosis of heart failure for amlodipine adverse reaction.
by C Besa

This is a case report of misdiagnosis of heart failure for amlodipine related adverse reaction. Amlodipine is a dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker frequently used in drug treatment of essential hypertension. Adverse reactions

Negligible therapeutic effects of enalapril in a 65-year-old black man of essential hypertension
by C Besa

This is a case report of negligible therapeutic effects of enalapril in a patient of essential hypertension for a period of 3 months. Negligible therapeutic effects of enalapril response in this patient was unexpected as patient claimed complete adherence to the treatment regimen and could possibly be attributed to counterfeit medication which is a recognised


Does circumcision influence risky sexual behaviour among circumcised sexually active men in Zambia? Evidence from the 2013-14 Zambia Demographic and Health Survey
by CC Mapoma, BB Bwalya

Low circumcision and high rates of heterosexual acquired HIV infections are among factors that have “influenced” Zambia to adopt, encourage and spearhead Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) as a preventive tool against HIV infection. Circumcision has been portrayed as the single most important “panacea” or “magic bullet” to HIV prevention in

Bacteriological status of shallow well water and practices of users in Chipulukusu township, Ndola, Zambia
by AO Bulaya, C Besa, M Tembo, S Siziya

In many countries in Africa piped water availability is limited and cannot meet the demands of the growing populations. Most rural areas in Africa resort to underground water which is readily available and is believed to be uncontaminated due to its filtering system as it drains back into the ground. However, it is not always the case due to


Descriptive characterization of the cholera outbreak in Lusaka District, 2016
by P Kabwe, L Moonde, A Gama, F Hadunka, N Sinyangwe, E Kateule, A Inambao, M Mwamba, G Zulu, R Kumar

On February 5, 2016, the Zambian Ministry of Health was notified of cholera cases in the western part of Lusaka district, which spread rapidly to peri-urban areas in the northern and eastern part of the city in the subsequent weeks. We conducted a descriptive analysis of the cholera outbreak. We conducted


Keep Our Future Generation Alive: Reinforcing Routine HIV Testing & Treatment Among Children in Zambia
by T Savory M Mwanza, M Lumpa, M Chitala

Only 3% of children visiting clinics are tested for HIV, despite Ministry of Health recommendations to test and treat ALL children. If unidentified and left untreated, 75% of HIV positive children die by the age of 5 years.
Reinforcement of routine HIV testing and treatment of children will increase testing up to