January 2017

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This inaugural issue of The Health Press – Zambia focuses on anthrax in Zambia, with a review of anthrax outbreaks in Zambia, a report on the 2015 anthrax outbreak in Chama district, a report on an anthrax outbreak in Mongu district, and a report on the anthrax policy in Zambia. Other reports include an article on laboratory-confirmed urinary tract infections, and a communication on the antimicrobial resistance program in Zambia

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Anthrax – A worldwide, regional and national diseases of public health importance

We are pleased and honoured to launch the inaugural issue of our monthly online open access publication of The Health Press – Zambia (THP-Z). A quarterly print version is planned for read more


Joint press statement on the outbreak of anthrax in Western Province.
by Hon. Chilufya Chitalu Dr. (MP) and Hon Michael Zondani Jay Katambo (MP)Download PDF

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – A growing global health threat
by Otridah Kapona – AMR National focal point

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of a microorganism to withstand treatment with an antimicrobial drug. The rapid emergence of AMR has for several decades been a growing threat to the effective treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by read more


Tuberculosis Burden in Southern Province, Zambia, 2004 to 2013: Analysis of Routine Tuberculosis Surveillance Data
by F Hadunka, NW Chilembo, CN Jacobs, R Hamoonga, J Chinyonga, C Michelo

Tuberculosis (TB) burden in Zambia is high (410/100,000 population incidence in 2013), but few data at subnational level for monitoring trends in incidence, case fatality rate (CFR), or district distribution are available and routinely collected surveillance data are not regularly

IDSR | Weekly Epidemiology Bulletin Week 2: 9-15 January 2017
by Directorate of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Zambia


Anthrax outbreaks and epidemics in Zambia, 1990-2011: a review
by S Siziya

Anthrax is endemic in Zambia. A review was conducted for literature published on the epidemiology of anthrax in Zambia using google, google scholar and PubMed. A total of 7 publications were obtained using search words

Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns and their correlate for urinary tract infection pathogens at Kitwe Central Hospital, Zambia
by J Chisanga, ML Mazaba, J Mufunda, C Besa, MC Kapambwe-Muchemwa, S Siziya

Inadequate data on antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in the Africa region and indeed in Zambia have led to ineffective empirical treatment before the culture and sensitivity results are made available. The purpose of this study


Cutaneous Anthrax outbreak in Chama District, Muchinga province, Zambia, 2016 as history repeats itself
by PEM Mwambi, J Mufunda, P Mwaba, N Kasese-Chanda, CM Mumba, T Kalumbi, M Chaula,N Mweemba, MB Hang’ombe, H Higashi, R Akamatsu, ML Mazaba

An outbreak of anthrax has been confirmed in Chama district in Zambia affecting close to 80 persons. A previous outbreak in the same area was confirmed in 2011 with 521 humans affected and 6 human and over 80 hippos dead. To understand the disease situation and

Outbreak of Anthrax among humans and cattle in Western province of Zambia, November 2016 to January 2017
by NK Chanda, B Mulubwe, F Mwale

An outbreak of anthrax occurred in Western province on 11th November 2016. The outbreak was confirmed using PCR. Out of the 7 specimens examined for Bacillus anthracis, 3 were positive. Altogether 67 suspected cases were investigated out of which

Occurrence of cholera in Lukanga fishing camp, Kapiri-mposhi district, Zambia
by R Murebwa Chirambo, R Mwanza, C Mwinuna, ML Mazaba, I Mweene-Ndumba, J Mufunda

Most of the cholera outbreaks in Zambia have been recorded from fishing camps and peri-urban areas of the Copperbelt, Luapula and Lusaka provinces. Cholera cases have been recorded every year in the Lukanga fishing


Recovering from an Anthrax epidemic: What are the control strategy challenges and policy options?
by A Moraes

Anthrax is endemic in parts of Zambia, triggered annually by an interplay of environmental factors and human activity. Anthrax cases are typically reported between June and December, coinciding with the period when the human population density on the floodplain is high. Case fatality rate

Prioritizing health promotion, disease prevention and control – a transformational
agenda for the Zambian health sector

by K Malama

Zambia’s Health sector has undergone a number of reforms including the Strategies and Plans of 1991/1992 followed by the 1995 reforms anchored on the National Health Services Act which led to formation of Boards. However, the reorganisation of the Health Sector in 2016/2017 is unique as it has been